Courageous Kids Day

American Cancer Society's  arranges Courageous Kids Day every year

ACS's Courageous Kids Day is celebrated on  Mother's Day every year.   This day was started as a "day off from cancer" for children with cancer and their families.    Great America has hosted this wonderful event every year, providing the picnic grove, free tickets, lunch, staff, and so much more to the families of[masked] children each year.   The event is mostly staffed by about 200 volunteers, many of whom have been volunteering for many many years.   There are lots of fun activities happening for the kids and their families, including celebrities, sand castle building, games, music, arts & crafts, face painting, quilt production, food, fun, and.... and this is where we come in.... FAMILY PORTRAITS!
Photographers are needed to take formal family portraits and candid pictures of the event. PPSCV supports this event by sending volunteer photographers to take part in this full day event.