Rules of Print Competition

One of the Member Benefits is being able to participate in the Print Competitions and in order to get the most benefit from Print Competition you have to participate. Other benefits as a result from participating in print competition is learning how you can improve your technical photographic skills, posing skills, image making skills and print presentation. Listed below are most of the key points for the Year End print competition, if you have any questions that are not answered below please contact the Print Comp Chairperson directly.
  • Who can participate in the Year End Print Competition?
Any member in good standing who has attended at least five monthly meetings may participate in the year end print competition.
  • What prints may be entered in the Year End Print Competition?
Up to six prints that have received a score of 70 or above in any PPSCV monthly competition during the current year.
  • Do the prints submitted have to be those actually entered in the monthly competition?
No, you may have the print reprinted using the feedback given at the monthly competition or you may enter the same prints.
  • What are the print requirements for the Year End Print Competition?
The print sizes allowed are 8×10, 10×10, 8×12 (inches), must be mounted and unframed. No maker or studio name or logo may appear on the image.
  • When is the Year End Print Competition?
The date for the Year End Print Competition is listed on the Calendar page. (Usually the deadline is during the beginning of December.)
  • What are the categories/classifications for submissions?
The categories are the same as the monthly competitions.
  • What are the steps and requirements for submitting prints for the Year End Print Competition?
Only the Maker may enter their prints and must collect them after the competition.

Each print must have the original Print Comp label on the back. If the original print is not entered, the maker must supply the information from the back of the original print, on the print entered.
The entries must be turned in by the deadline date as published by the Print Comp Chairperson.